Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What to do with Pain? When it is not just a 'Pain in the Ass.'

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I am not a good physical therapy patient. When each step hurts so much more after physical therapy I wonder if physical therapy is worth it. I am asking if I am doing more damage versus building stronger support muscles like the therapist says. Even with taking increasing doses of  pain management drugs [gabapentin, a anticonvulsant] the pain is worsening... getting sharper like the joint is on fire. What do I need to do when it is not just a 'Pain in the Ass?"

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Why do we ask " Why"? Happy people do NOT ask "WHY?" Or do they?

When things happen in my life I am always asking "Why?"

Why do we ask "Why?"? 

What benefit does it give us that we need to ask that question? That little three-letter word. The people I know from Alanon and AA say that the happiest people have zero expectations. These PEOPLE DO NOT ASK "Why?"

Do I have too many expectations?  Absolutely!    Do I have too many questions? Absolutely!

Ok. Guess my overthink is in overdrive. Or maybe I'm just a closet philosopher... When  I pose the question of 'Why?' I am asking eternal questions that have no answers. Why do we need answers?  Opps. Another Why. I cannot get away from asking Why.

Is this just another excuse to overthink? I named my dog, LetGo, hoping his name would remind me to let go of my thoughts. But why let go? Opps. Another Why. Why do we seek answers. Gosh. Am I stuck on Why!

I like answers. Guess that is why I keep asking questions. I have always presumed that the normal folks didn't ask Why. They already had the answers. Now why is that? Opps. Am I a broken record?

Well, part of my thinking process is that I actually 'HEAR' myself thinking. Yep. I am talking to myself. So if I am thinking aloud to myself I am actually talking to myself. And when people talk they ask a lot of questions. Asking questions, asking "Why?" is this the norm or not the norm?  Hmm...

When you are thinking are you talking to yourself? Do you hear your own voice speaking? Where is the cognitive psychologist when you need her or him? Do I talk too much to myself? Is this really my 'overthink'? Wish I knew how other people described their thinking process.

If there is anyone out there in blogland, give a comment on your WHYs... and if you talk to yourself. Seems like I am just an echo. Any echoes out there?

Until I hear any replies I am definitely needing to unwind in my music box tonight. Will the music ever stop? 
 ** Below has some interesting comments on mental clutter. Nice to hear how other people think. 
 * Interesting. This site says 'thinking over' vs my 'overthink.' But I do think this link has 'overthunk'.
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