Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christian Science Monitor Blog discusses NPR & PBS subsidies as unfair

What is your tipping point?

The State of Michigan stopped paying my disabled neighbor's monthly Medicare hospital insurance bill of $96.50.  Her only income is her monthly $700 social security disability. The entitlement program was cut.

Is the subsidy of NPR and PBS more important than than my neighbor's entitlement? The Christian Science Monitor Mises Economic Blog says no. Read the blog:


Tell me your logic if you support subsidies. I won't repeat them to my neighbor.

Social justice is my tipping point. What is your tipping point? Do NPR and PBS actively seek social justice when entitlement programs to the poor are cut? Can you advocate for social justice and accept subsidies? There are so many social areas that I am concerned about that NPR and PBS have been silent about.

Again, what is your tipping point?

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