Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does NPR / PBS have to be perfect? Confused by the news about NPR and Schiller?

I am confused by recent news about NPR. Then I thought about people in general. People have opinions. Some are based in fact. Some have a lesser basis in fact. So what is the problem? Does NPR have to be perfect?

I do agree that Mr. Schiller is right in one major point - that many newspapers do have a pro-Israel or Zionist viewpoint. Otherwise how does 8 million dollars of US tax dollars a day go to Israel and this is not pointed out in the media when entitlement programs for the poor are cut?

I might not agree with some other things he said. But the point is does NPR have to be perfect?

Cannot people have opinions? With our instantaneous media hyper-focus no media can be perfect. While NPR is not perfect, it does make the attempt. This I must respect. Ask yourself how  commercial media compares in this attempt to be unbiased? I am so angry with commercial media telling me their opinion that they say is news that I must take a stand.

NPR does attempt to be balanced. It may not be perfect. But at least they attempt and try to be balanced. They may side-step issues that have big business support. But don't our legislators do the same thing? NPR doesn't have to be perfect. At least it exists and aspires to a higher standard. When I watch or read commercial news I wonder what standard they have when Martin Sheen gets more coverage than Libyan or Palestinian protestors.

Note to the media: I said protestors. Not rebels. Where did I learn that the media changes what they call the people in Libya or Palestine that want democracy? It was on NPR!

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forestwalk/laura k said...

i agree...
it's pretty sad when you turn on the the NEWS...and see Sheen! who cares? not me! but then again...what's with all these ridiculous REALITY shows that seem so popular?!! how crazy is that? is it because people just don't really care anymore?! they prefer mindless JUNK to what's REALLY happening on our planet?!!

too sad, :(