Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life is a thin thread. Listen for the fibers breaking, The Defense Dept. does.

Due to the sudden illness of a family member's pet, I remember when my son was young he got seriously ill very fast. We were fortunate he got emergency care in time.

We were not so fortunate when another loved one committed suicide. If caring parents can miss concrete physical signs of severe illness in a young child, how many more cases of deep psychological stress that result in suicide are missed? Especially adults. Especially males. Especially in the United States Military.The suicide rate is up in all branches of the United States Armed Forces including the Coast Guard.

The United States Dept of Defense Task Force  issued a 233 page report on Aug. 23, 2010, on the Prevention of Suicide comparing suicide-relating behaviors and the suicide act to only the tip of an iceberg. For their recommendations go to

Just one example of this iceberg is the suicide rate among Army recruiters which is 3 times the overall Army suicide rate.
photo from The Truth has Changed, 4-4-11, Why are Military Recruiters Killing Themselves 

The source article for the post about Army recruiters suicide rate by The Truth has Changed is,9171,1889152,00.html#ixzz1Ic1zZlge

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forestwalk/laura k said... sad. severe illness...death...can be such a devastating experience to all involved...but when someone you know commits suicide...THAT is MORE than devastating.
you may never think that someone you know is capable of killing may know they're may think they're working through it...and then...pow! that thin thread unravels...snaps...
being aware. watching for signs. listening....

thanks for sharing the info here...