Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Invite You to an Experiment. Need Your Reaction. "Are you an Insider or an Outsider?"

Please read through this experiment's guide below and at the end enter in comments which environment is more important to you--the exterior or the interior of your home and give your reaction to this guide.

Guideline ideas to help you decide:
  • Think about your existing home.
  • Do you feel more comfortable being on the outside or inside where you live?
  • When you make your choice of exterior or interior what activities do you enjoy in the area you prefer? 
  • Is there a specific activity you enjoying doing and what is that activity or enjoyment? 
  • Does your area choice have certain elements that give you comfort? 
  • What are those comforting elements?
Please consider YOUR FEELINGS. Choose only ONE AREA either the outside or the inside where you live. Try to figure out WHY this chosen area makes you feel more comfortable than the other. Can you identify specific elements in the area that create this comfort zone?

And then ASK YOURSELF two questions:
  1. Was this preferred environmental area created by you AFTER you moved in?
  2. Could you transfer some "Feel Good" elements from your chosen area that could be added to your non-preferred area?
Finally, ENTER YOUR REACTION to this experiment in the comments. Thank you for helping me.
Runde Environmental Centre
Runde Environmental Centre, Norway by Toften from Wikimedia Commons
"Is it the Exterior or the Interior of Your Home 
which is More Important to You? 
And Why?"

For those who like to make statistics lie...  Add a reaction that is not from the guideline at the end of your comment.