Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What is your choice for a book for book club if there was only one last book you could read?

Let me ask which books have helped keep you sane while craziness abounds?  I have reached a tipping point where the reality of life challenges my rationality.
What is your choice for a book for book club if there was only one last book to read?

All my life has been devoted to rationality. Like choices for book club. Reading a book should help you understand life. I want to learn some guiding principle from reading a book for book club. Like why do people suffer? Poverty. Bankruptcy. Pain. Sickness. Wounded Warriors. Why is there war WITHIN ourselves and OUTSIDE in the world?

I keep wanting to make sense of the the stuff that happens in life.Is there a book that helps build sanity when insanity abounds?

I used to say go to a playground when life exceeds its tipping point. Now I know life has made me dizzy with repeated tipping toward the unfairness, the insanity and life exceeds its tipping point too often for many people.

Whether it is fiction, poetry, or non-fiction as a book club choice can book club members find in a book how to deal with the irrationality of life? 

By reading, just as by writing, are processes whereby I seek to understand the complexities of my life. Sometimes I reach a tipping point where I need that special book to put a heavy rock on my side of the teeter-tooter and lean me towards sanity.

What is your choice for a book for book club if there was only one last book you could read?



EliseOnLife said...

I'd want to have the poems of Rumi and Hafiz with me as the last things I would ever read. With that, I would be forever satiated.

JohnnyL said...

I agree with Elise about poetry. Mountaineers, soldiers and explorers take books of poetry with them because you can read a novel a half dozen times, but a poem can be read hundreds of times and you will still find something new to think about.

So, I would take 'Palgrave's Golden Treasury' which has some of the finest poems by the greatest poets in the English language.

crayzys said...

Thank you so much Elise and Johnny. Great selections of Poetry. The thoughts and counter thoughts in poetry never end. Poetry is a link through chaos.

If you also think poetry is the strong support pillar in times of chaos, go to the Writer's Almanac. Below's a link to one of their readings.

The poem is called Tuning by Christine Rheine's from her poetry book, Wild Flight. Christine Rheine, is a retired Detroit mechanical engineer with a genius for poetry; her words flow like a jet engine throughout you and the sonic boom lingers in your skull for days. She defines "the joy of order and abandon."

I missed her poetry reading at my bookclub due to my brother's stroke. MAYBE POETRY CAN SOOTHE BRAIN CHAOS? God, insight does come from writing...

laurak@forestwalkart said...

i couldn't give you an answer. i love to read...and have so many favorites!

yes, poetry would be nice...because it's the sort of thing you could read over and over...and get something different out of it each time.

if you're looking for something NOW...what i would head to the nearest barnes & noble...or whatever...scan the shelves...pick something out that intrigues you...and sit in one of their comfy you find what you're looking for...

crayzys said...

Ah, Laura, if that were only the case --looking for something. It is when I have too much of insanity and chaos -- when there is no rationality to life's events...

Guess, you are really right -- I am looking for something.

Perhaps I am just uninformed. When I view

I feel the angst of Joan Osborne's song: If God was One Of Us' which is at the end of the above link...

One should not feel sad when there are so many that have more sadness. Yet, the existence of that utter sadness propels me to search for the consolation of knowing 'Why?'

Paul Judges said...

The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono.

Sadaf Hafeez said...

I would definitely go for the best poetry ever written...i.e the Quran.Except that its in Arabic ... one ought to know Arabic language to cherish the true beauty of Quranic verses.Its a massive spiritual support in times of ordeal.

crayzys said...

Thank you for your suggestions, Paul and Sadaf. I very much appreciate your comments. I am studying the suggestions. I will post about them after my son's wedding on 11-11-11.

[Don't think he will forget his wedding anniversary with all those ones.]

Blessings to all.

crayzys said...

If you need a drop of sanity now go to Sadaf's blog post at

The simple can so wise...

Thank you for the Sunrays! Saraf.

Sadaf said...

Oh my God , I just read your comment Jean . And just noticed you've shared my blog's link on your page ! Thank you so much. I'm so moved by your appreciation Jean ! Thank you so much <3 !

I love your thought-provoking comments on my blog. I hope you're in best of health and faith. May Allah bless you immensely . Ameen !