Sunday, September 19, 2010

When heat included with rent you get Life

Well. Apartment news. Six federal marshals with 2 local police and the rental agent arrested a Ten Most Wanted  profiled young man this past week in my apartment complex. Two well known local ladies of the night moved in upstairs. Opps. Almost forgot the explosive youth who loves to throw glass bottles outside and likes to kick in mail room walls moved into my building from the  complex's other building. Guess it will be company for the brain damaged lady who lives next door to him. She believes the light in the refrigerator controls how fast her milk spoils and that the police department has a remote control of her furnace thermostat. Let me not forget the registered child molester who lives next door to me. Or the new college student below me who believes you enter your apartment and get pizza deliveries through his garden apartment window below my balcony. I think he watched too many Dukes of Hazard County reruns.
Yes, when heat included in the rent you get life. Amazing what you can observe while you take out the trash, sit on your balcony, or watch the people from 17 cars enter the window of the apartment below you. Yes, When heat included in the rent you get life. Life as in prison sentence?
 Image from TMCnet Bloggers, 4-13-09  Click here for their link


forestwalk/laura k said...

apartment living. have certainly had my share over the years. people crammed on top of one another. the things you see...and maybe some things you wish you hadn't.

interesting your blog! :)

crayzys said...

Well, with free heat you do get extras--like holes kicked in walls and entry door glass. Sometimes I wonder why the rise in street drug prices cause random remodeling. But I do get to keep warm with the free heat..until my window aggravates someone. Hmmm.