Friday, September 17, 2010

Why am I awake when the rest of the world is sleeping?

If you can set a clock, can you reset a body clock? When you wind the spring too tight during the day, guess it takes a long time to unwind. So I'm awake when the world sleeps. But does it? The world that is. There are always cars on the road. I live near a major road that feeds the expressway and the city Main Street.

How can I find the 'switch' to change this red-eye habit? If behavior occurs because it meets some benefit, what benefit does this behavior give me. Clarity because environment offers less distractions. I can focus better. But this is only a perception acquired because I allow myself to believe that it is a better time to focus.

So again I am having conversations with myself that justify this behavior. Like in the book, Switch, my rational mind says it is OK to stay up late. But it also says the following day that I need more rest. But the strength I need to see to make a change in habits is that I am blogging about my struggle.  So the emotional brain is getting some benefit. Balancing this brain chatter, this overthink, isn't easy. It is like picking up a car and turning it around to drive in the opposite direction. I think I'll drive over to my cat whiskers and climb in the music box. I really don't do the best writing late at night. . . . Cat whiskers indicate mood. . .Guess I'm pulling them back in a defensive mood. They also let a cat feel around in the dark like I do.

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forestwalk/laura k said...

hmmm...overthinking...thinking too much...i tend to do that too. if you WANT to get to sleep...but your brain won't let you...if your BODY wants sleep...but your brain says 'no way!'...then maybe you need to 'find that switch'...or that something that will slow those mind processes down. some 'sleepy time tea'...reading a book...meditating... i don't think there's anything wrong with being awake when all the world is you say...but if it's getting to be hard on your days...then, yeah, need to find that 'switch'. HEY! you can always move to the part of the world where it's day when it's night where you are... :) good luck! realx. take a deep breath...