Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sleep renews the soul

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When you think of basic functioning what do you need most? Treasure most?

Among the most needed is restful sleep. When your head gears are whirring they need time to cool down and let the grit settle.

Remember the peace you felt on having a morning to sleep in  and not have the brain have to hit  the accelerator as soon as your eyes opened. When the day gets bumpy and the gears are not meshing TAKE THE TIME JUST TO RECONNECT WITH THAT FEELING AND THE SENSATIONS THAT SURROUND IT.

Value yourself enough to find your music box throughout the day. Crawl into it when the daily head noise is too loud and unwind. Raw thoughts kink up the gears. Accelerators are meant to go on and OFF.

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1 comment:

forestwalk/laura k said...

...sleeping in??? what's THAT??!!

yeah...especially THIS time of year...we all need to S L O W down a little...unwind...take a break...sleep is good...or at least slow down enough to
listen to the music...smell the roses...