Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stop the public funding of NPR and PBS. Why not?

I know so many people that are pro NPR. Thinking why should I oppose the removal of public funding of NPR & PBS when I have alternative news / information sources that are not as big as NPR. Big media = too big to see in the corners where the truth is.

People naturally oppose change. But change is good - it offers new perspectives that have been forgotten. Priorities of NPR are anti-controversial. They won't rock big business, big politicos around the world.  I don't want to do the auto-pilot of saying 'Don't take public funding away.'

Has NPR  and PBS truly challenged big business or do they report on non-big business investigations like coroner practices in Post Mortem or the federal government's lapses in veteran care and deployment? Could they or would they challenge Monsanto? How has
GM seed been engineered  without Environmental Impact Statements.
Why are FDA staff warnings ignored and why did  the FDA chief approve GM alfalfa without rigorous science? Hint: he used to work for Monsanto. . Maybe big non-profits should not be funded? 

When is the the last time you heard Monsanto and GM seeds being mentioned on NPR and PBS?  Is cute fuzzy science the safe province of PBS and NPR? Monsanto is the silent coroner killing our environment.  They were were involved with the recumbent bovine growth hormone [rGBH] and with its removed labeling. Not reporting is as guilty as pulling a silent curtain over the wrong. 
Why hasn't the dangers of GM seeds been a prime investigation by PBS and NPR? Why not  the background links of the government officials to big business like the head of the FDA and Monsanto. Clarence Thomas and Elena Kagan worked for Monsanto. See their connections and others of the USDA and Congress to Monsanto and Dupont below.*

Hey, guess I am having my own protest of sorts. Must have caught it from the sit-in protesters of mountaintop removal mining in the Governor's office in Kentucky... 
Tunisia.   Egypt. 
Change. Fear. Money. Power. Big Business. Unwatched. Should I go stand in the corner?  Dust is what gathers in corners.  The truth is in the corners.  Or coroners.  Who is watching the coroner of the environment, Monsanto?

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