Thursday, February 17, 2011

When there is no Sun, I sprout antennae to get Some.


Anderson Lima said...

Thank you for using my image.

Jean said...

Thank you TO YOU for your image. I try to always give credit to sources from wikipedia commons. It is my pleasure that artists such as yourself make their work available to the public.

Perhaps you might know about imagemaster. A tech writer whom I questioned when an image link deadended at his site. I questioned him because I could not link the image to the originator he simply wrote I could use imagemaster. It was a gorgeous 3 sequence image of a developing smile. A very unique picture image. I didn't use the image because of the loss of the originator's credit.

If you can enlighten me about image master or if this imagemaster concept is useful to you I pass this along.

You have a great day and AGAIN THANK YOU FOR ALLOWING USE OF THE IMAGE. Best to you. Jean