Saturday, March 5, 2011

Maintain perspective in an opinionated world

I swim in a sea of opinions. How can I understand complex issues? I  know how to swim in water. But how do I swim in a world that is filled with opinions that would submerge a genius?  What is right?  What is wrong?  Who is influencing whom?  Where is the truth?

Opinions can be like the tides - wearing me down. I could float on top of the water and listen  and be carried by the waves. But then the tide carries me in its direction. But I know how to swim - how to think... So what do I do?

In this ocean of opinions I can swim underwater and dive to see what is below  and ahead of me. I can come up for air and take a look around. I can set a course for land. That land provides me with sources of information and opinion that give voice to my basic values.

Values are the islands in the oceans of opinions. Core values in human dignity require me to swim though oceans of opinions. Somewhere in this ocean of opinions there are islands for me to rest on between swims.

I have to trust that these islands, these sources of information that value human dignity exist. Some may be windswept expressing opinions on just one topic. Some may be an archipelago.  Some may be near a continent.  But these lands exist for me to rest on as I swim in oceans of opinions.

photo by Mila Zinkova, Sunset from Sutro Bath at Land's End in San Francisco, 10-17-09

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forestwalk/laura k said...

...sometimes it's hard to decide...who to believe...who to trust...

we can trust our own opinions...our own views...but only if we can SEE for ourselves...first hand.

as far as 'getting information'...getting at the TRUTH of can get mind boggling! there's just so much out there!

yes, we have to remember to come up for air! BREATHE!