Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 26 Rally for MILLIONS AGAINST MONSANTO who want Genetically Modified Foods to be Labeled

According to Thomson Reuters Healthcare Survey in October 2010, 93% of people surveyed want GM foods labeled.  Click here for survey results.

Facebook site for Millions Against Monsanto rally on 3-26-11

In a hurry and want to ck just for local events organized by this facebook campaign go to:

Click here for Genetically Modified Foods Fact Sheet for the rally.

"The rally demands are:
  • 1. We have the right to know and want genetically modified foods labeled.
  • 2. We want factory farmed animal and genetically modified animal products labeled.
  • 3. We want independent, transparent, long-term studies done on the safety of GMO’s for animals, plants and humans.
  • 4. We want the organic industry protected from cross-contamination and law suits to organic farmers.
The FDA currently considers GM foods “substantially equivalent” and therefore doesn’t require labeling. There is a growing body of evidence that show:
  •  Health and environmental concerns.
  • Corporate control of world food and seed supplies, and monopolization through patents, government lobbying and corporate interest over human interest in all levels of government.
  • Monsanto is the leader in GM patents."  
A Lesson Plan on Modified Foods.   Click here:
Why aren't GMO Foods labeled? click here: click here:

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