Friday, April 22, 2011

Happiness is: Duct Tape? A Hypothesis? A Memory? Your Choice.

Is happiness like duct tape? Easy to tear apart. Never perfectly smooth. Leaves a residue.
photo by Evan-Amos, 8-25-10, wikimedia commons

 Is happiness like a hypothesis, an assumption that must be continually tested?
CASE-IF-THEN-END flowchart from wikimedia commons

 Is happiness an action taken? A reconnecting with pleasant memories. 
Such as the thrill our first steps?
The First Steps by Greek painter, Georgios Jakobidea, from wikimedia commons
Your choice.

If you think happiness is more like duct tape, 
here's the you tube channel where you can make more duct tape happiness:  


sagmutter said...

The Happiness Hypothsis written by Jonathan Haidt says happiness comes from between... we are hive creatures.. when we get our relationships right with people and things and something larger than ourselves... a sense of purpose and meaning will emerge...happiness.

crayzys said...

Happiness comes from between. Between what?

forestwalk/laura k said... what we make we see things...following our heart...doing what 'makes' us happy...

YES!! happiness USED TO BE a big roll of duct tape for me...but i've (kinda...almost...)learned that MY happiness comes from within...

i'm trying anyway... :]