Saturday, June 4, 2011

Michigan may Reduce Funding to Universities w Unmarried Partner Benefits. Knock. Knock. Who's There?

Protect Michigan's Universities and Families

By Stella Sunstein
To be delivered to: The Michigan State House, The Michigan State Senate and Governor Rick Snyder
“David Agema's amendment penalizing universities over same-sex benefits violates the universities' budgetary autonomy, interferes with their academic freedom, and penalizes all unmarried couples, particularly those who are not allowed to marry in the first place. Any further cuts in state funding will directly harm Michigan students and their families. Please ensure that the reconciliation process eliminates this hate-driven legislation.”
The Michigan House Republicans recently approved an amendment to the House bill on education funding written by Rep. David Agema. The amendment proposes that the state subtract 5% from the state funding of any university that offers health insurance coverage for employees who live with another adult outside of marriage.  
During a time where public education operates under increasingly difficult financial constraints, ideologically driven legislations have even less of a place in educational policy than ever. The amendment violates the autonomy of public universities and is thus a direct attack on academic freedom.  

Moreover, the amendment’s clear intent to divide the academic community is deeply immoral. Targeting unmarried couples, and by intent particularly gay and lesbian families, at a time where every public poll shows significant majority support for civil unions flies in the face of the country’s commitment to equality. Americans, as a rule, do not want the government to tell them how to conduct their private lives.  

Middle class families already suffer from the rising cost of college tuition. If the amendment passes, the loss of funds may well contribute to an even steeper rise, thus penalizing all Michigan families in the interest of an obsolete sexual morality Americans have rejected resoundingly.  
The bill still needs to be reconciled with the Senate version. Please petition the Michigan Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, to oppose this nasty piece of legislation.
If you want to personally call Dave Agema, the author of this proposed amendment, his office phone is 5173738900 per the QUEERTY [Gay Rights] post.  Click here to read their conversations with Mark in Rep. Dave Agema's office.
If you are in a petition signing mood,  Click here to go to the site that wants to "Reclaim Michigan. Recall Rick Snyder," the Michigan governor. Note: 807,000 valid signatures are needed before August 5. 

I think getting petition signatures is a learning experience for anyone going to law, economics, sociology, political science or considering how to get an internship with a desired company  . 

  • Real life experience knocking on doors shows initiative which every employer values
  • Advocating a pro-employer stance of their right to determine compensation 
  • Advocating basic rights of unmarried partners...
If I read your internship request I would want to meet you to talk about your 
"Knock. Knock. Who's There?" experience.

A Soliloquy. Youthful Mercury. "What's this 'ere on the plyte? 'Knock and ring'! Blowed if they won't be harsking yer to 'walk hinside', next!!"
Cartoon from The Project Gutenberg eBook of Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 102, April 23, 1892, by Various, Edited by F. C. Burnand


forestwalk/laura k said...
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forestwalk/laura k said...

it always bothers me...when i hear about people being treated differently...because they choose to LIVE their life...
whether you are living with a partner...and have 'paper' or not...whether your partner is the same sex or shouldn't matter.

i think it all stems from 'religion'...
which is the one reason i don't GO for organized religion. it causes too much hatred & closed minds. our government is no place for religion or PERSONAL beliefs...because we are a country of diversity...

thanks for's sad when you see this kind of stuff going on...and it does...ALL over... :/

((oops! sorry...deleted my comment & reposted...i have been trying to play catch up all morning...kinda forgetting where i'm at....ha!))

crayzys said...

Well, Gov Snyder did it. To read Rick Pluta's article of 12-22-2011, "Michigan Governor Snyder signs measure banning live-in partner health benefits."

Go to:

And to listen to Jack Lessenberry's 12-23-2011 political commentary, "Michigan's Governor makes a misstep on benefits to the unmarried domestic partners." on this

go to