Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is the Higher Power's timeline? Does God have a 'To Do' List?

Does God, a Higher Power, or what name who you think influences life or death have a 'To Do' list with a timeline? Do you know the timeline of the rate of recovery from illness?

Suppose you are a "To Do" list type of person with 'timelines' of your own... How much influence do individuals have over their recovery? Why do I need to know the timeline of the Higher Power's "To Do" list?

Why do we need timelines anyway? What is the purpose of a timeline? It may provide normative comparative data. Also, timelines imply a sense of control. A sense of orderliness.

Illness is not orderly.

Who is in control of life's timeline? Being in control, if such control exists, implies a grand plan. What is the grand plan? I ask:

What is the Higher Power's timeline?
Does God have a 'To Do' list?
Recovery timelines are silent except for...

Bandar Lego's Chrono-list_Icon
 Иконка для временных линий и хронологических списков

the steady sound of the ticking of the clock.

If you want to hear what I hear, the ticking of a hospital clock, go to:

Oh, God, what despair a wounded warrior must feel... and hear endless ticking of the clock.

I am not wounded. I am just waiting for the wounded.
I am not living it myself.
Writing helps the process.