Sunday, September 18, 2011

What is the Higher Power's timeline? Does God have a 'To Do' List?

Does God, a Higher Power, or what name who you think influences life or death have a 'To Do' list with a timeline? Do you know the timeline of the rate of recovery from illness?

Suppose you are a "To Do" list type of person with 'timelines' of your own... How much influence do individuals have over their recovery? Why do I need to know the timeline of the Higher Power's "To Do" list?

Why do we need timelines anyway? What is the purpose of a timeline? It may provide normative comparative data. Also, timelines imply a sense of control. A sense of orderliness.

Illness is not orderly.

Who is in control of life's timeline? Being in control, if such control exists, implies a grand plan. What is the grand plan? I ask:

What is the Higher Power's timeline?
Does God have a 'To Do' list?
Recovery timelines are silent except for...

Bandar Lego's Chrono-list_Icon
 Иконка для временных линий и хронологических списков

the steady sound of the ticking of the clock.

If you want to hear what I hear, the ticking of a hospital clock, go to:

Oh, God, what despair a wounded warrior must feel... and hear endless ticking of the clock.

I am not wounded. I am just waiting for the wounded.
I am not living it myself.
Writing helps the process.


laurak@forestwalkart said...

((sorry jean...i'm so far my reading...))

healing for every BODY is different...i don't believe there's a 'grand plan'...except to live each day and to be happy...and to try and deal with what sometimes seems as though we are being dealt a bad hand. it's life. we make mistakes and we go through tough times...and good times.
every 'body' heals at a different pace...and being positive...and with less worry and stress...makes for less 'dis-ease'...

i'm sorry you have to go through what you are right now...i can only hope that your brother will make it out of the place he is right now...

keep on you does help to say what you feel...what you're thinking...questioning will help you find the answers you need to comfort...


Sandy said...

Just checking in and read your post - Timelines - not so sure about - but I'm positive that this must be very hard to cope with when you want your loved one to be healed quickly.

Prayers for you all!