Sunday, December 18, 2011

Václav Havel - A Man Who Lived, Wrote, and Governed for Humanity Has Died.

From playwright and poet,
the last President of Czechoslovakia to the first President of the Czech Republic
Chair of the International Council of the Human Rights Foundation 
International Advisory Council member of Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. 

A man compared to Gandhi who believed and worked for world peace and human rights. Amnesty International gave him their Ambassador of Conscience Award.

May we remember his activism and his written word. 

This is the Flag of the President of the Czech Republic.

Flag source: 

Česky: Pamětní deska na základní a mateřské škole v Hrčavě, připomínající návštěvu prvního prezidenta České republiky Václava Havla (Moravskoslezský kraj, Česko).
English: Memorial plaque on the primary school and kindergarten in Hrčava, commemorating visit of the first president of the Czech Republic Václav Havel (Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic).
Polski: Tablica pamiątkowa na budynku szkoły podstawowej i przedszkola w Herczawie, upamiętniająca wizytę pierwszego prezydenta Republiki Czeskiej Václava Havla (Zaolzie, Kraj morawsko-śląski, Czechy).
With Respect for My Polish Heritage.


crayzys said...

Here's a very detailed article with links from The Guardian:

The title of the article is an editor's dream: Václav Havel: director of a play that changed history

crayzys said...

The Velvet Revolution or sometimes called Gentle Revolution that bought Havel the Presidency reminds me of the Arab Spring and Time Magazine's, Person of the Year, The Protestor, and The Occupy Wall Street movement,

We are witnessing historic changes today just as Havel did.

crayzys said...

Who was Vaclav Havel? Madeline Albright's 12-19-11 article in the Washington Post article says A Man of Morals... To understand him and why he is so important in our times please read her article at

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very informative post and comments.

Be blessed next year and years to come,ameen.

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How interesting. I love learning about other countries.

Thanks so much for stopping by -- and the shout out!

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