Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why is My Mind Full of Black Holes?

Why is my mind so full of black holes? Black holes are areas in outer space that swallow everything that comes near them. My mind has many of these swallowing engulfing heavy spaces.  They swallow my useful productive thoughts and replace them with depressive painful thoughts.

 Mind has pain when I am caught in one of these black holes. A kind of phantom pain. Phantom pain is physical pain that feels like it is originating in a limb but the limb isn't there. The limb has been removed. So my black holes are the phantom pain when my mind is not connected, not connected to living.

My mind's black holes are the depressive phantom pain from not living...the life is drawn out of me.
Source: NASA.

I can reduce my phantom pain by looking at myself. Physical therapists address phantom pain using mirrors. I never used to look at myself in a mirror. Maybe using a mirror I can pull myself out of my mind's black holes. Mirror therapy for the mind's black holes of phantom pain when the mind is cut off from living.



sunny said...

Like your post

The Amused Medic said...

Quoting the fault in our stars, That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt!
Hope your fine jean... I'll be popping by hopefully more frequently than before... wishing you well! :)

Jean S said...

Thank you, sunny, and The Amused Medic,
for stopping by my blog. :))
May we have many more days of blogging!
Sincerely, Jean